QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

QR stands for "Quick Response."   It is basically just a 3D barcode! 
Just like the grocery store clerk can scan a barcode to look up a price,  your mobile device can scan QR codes to:
  • quickly take you to a website
  • generate some text
  • view a movie
  • display a phone number or address
  • play an audio file
  • link to an online survey or form

Why Use QR Codes in the Classroom?
  • Excellent way to direct students to content
  • Get students out of their seats
  • Exploration
  • Makes learning fun and interesting

Apps to Scan QR Codes
If you are going to use QR codes in your classroom, you will definitely need an app that will scan.  The one that I have used successfully in my classroom is QRafter (pronounced "crafter").  The free version lets you scan but not create QR codes.

Create QR Codes on the iPad

To create QR codes on your mobile device, there is QRafter Pro that allows you to both scan and create QR codes.  If you want to color code your QR codes, then you might want to try QR Code Whiz.  This app lets you select different colors for your QR codes.

Create QR Codes on Computer
It is super easy to create QR codes using your computer.  Just go to a website such as QR Code GeneratorUnitag, or QRStuff.com.   QRStuff has a URL shortener which is always a good idea to use.   Both Unitag and QR Stuff lets you create custom QR codes. (You change the colors, etc.)  Your QR codes don't need to be boring at all with sites such as these. The QR Code on the left was created with Unitag.

Or, even better yet, there is a super quick and easy way to create QR codes while on your computer.  Go to this website to see just how easy it is.  QR Code Bookmarklet

Just click on the QR Coder icon.
Drag the QR Coder icon onto the Bookmarks Toolbar on your browser.  When you click the icon  a QR code will be created for the webpage you're visiting.  Just copy the QR Code and paste it wherever you want it to go.  You can even highlight text on a page and the button will then create a QR code based just on that text. 

If you can't see your Bookmarks Toolbar, then go to your web browser such as Firefox or Safari, click on Bookmarks, then Bookmarks Toolbar.  (In Safari it is called the Bookmarks Bar).

How to Make a QR Code Link to a File in Dropbox

If you use Dropbox, did you know you can create QR codes that will take you to a file in Dropbox?  This is great news because it is an easy way to share movie files with your students.  When you click on the QR code, the movie will start playing!  No more need to go to You Tube, which is often blocked for students.  Here is how to do it:

Click on the picture on the left to open up the directions.

Please share your ideas about how to use QR codes in your classroom by posting a sticky note to our QR wall!  http://padlet.com/wall/25pdpxtwfv

Download our KeyNote presentation from the San Diego CUE Conference here!

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